Spanish Mediterranean Dining room

Colonial dining table with hand forged   
iron trestle     
42"x 84"    42"x 96"  102"x 42                           

Upholstered Armchairs                               
side chairs                           .                     
Custom sizes and finishes available    

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Spanish buffet, item #720, is a striking combination
of wood, with leather facings, carved insets and iron
handles and door pulls. 82"wx 42"h shown with a
three panel reverse glass painted  mirror 64" x 48"
item #201

Double base dining table 42”x 109” mounted on two intricate
carved bases.  Shown here matched with Belina chairs whose
handsomely carved frames work well with the table bases,
upholstered with leather seats and fabric backs
Our staff of experienced artisans allows us
to offer custom carving and finishes for
most items to meet your design
specifications.   Provide your drawing or
ideas and we can assist you in making it a
Traditional Spanish Colonial bar chair and arm chair. Both
with high relief carving of the finials and front feet and
covered in leather with a reinforced seat that is designed
for daily use without sagging.  This style is also available
in side chair and in a 3 person bench version.
Can be ordered to color and finish match to your
specifications.  Price my vary

Colonial Arm chair          
Colonial Side chair         
Colonial Bar chair          
Colonial Bench             
Reproduction chair common to Spanish Revival homes with legs
dating from the Renaissance period and decorated with acanthus
leaves carved on the arms.  Upholstered with fabric or leather of
your selection. Mallorca chair #1106

upholstered arm chair          
upholstered side chair         
Lauren chairs, same as pictured above  but  
upholstered in leather which has been  
etched and polychromed in the Damasus
Decorated with overesized nail heads.

Lauren arm chair            
Lauren side chair        
Portuguese bar chair with leather
decorated in Damascus style and
available in fixed or swivel seat.  
Although not normally associated with
revival furniture these chairs blend right
in with Spanish Revival furniture and are
available in darker finishes.

As shown 30"h       
Bringing you a touch of Spanish Revival and Tuscan Style Furniture Décor
Mallorca armchairs        
cocktail table                    
84'' sofa with pillows       
reverse glass mirror
72" x  48"                          
Bringing you a touch of Spanish Revival and Tuscan Style Furniture Décor